Makes: Never Ending Challenge

Aren’t you curious about the company, Hyperity?

Hyperity: Makes Creative Software is the software company which is Samsung electronics’ spinoff. Also, Hyperity have done lots of challenges.

Hyperity developed monitorless technology which makes the virtual monitor by using VR, AR displays. With this technology, Hyperity succeeded to be the spinoff of the Samsung electronics. After this, Hyperity developed ‘VR virtual monitor remote technology’ which enhanced Hyperity’s value.

Hyperity’s Monitorless

Then one day, Hyperity got one idea that how about using these techniques for a meeting between people and people.

Creative Software: Make the ‘Blurry’

Display of Blurry

With the idea, Hyperity started the step to become a software company.

Based on hardware technology, Hyperity made the ‘Blurry’ that pursues making sincere relationship between people.

Blurry materializes the value, ‘sincere relationship’ by providing blurred video chatting system.

Furthermore, Blurry provides communication technology based on web RTC(web live communication system). It will help people to communicate easily without delaying or being interupted.

Beginning launching in Apple app store, Blurry accomplished 10 million downloads and has been using by users from 140 countries. Plus, in Feb. 2019, Blurry was released in Google Playstore.

Future of Hyperity

Hyperity has been trying to realize the beauty of people. Developing software programs that telling people’s essence and value, Hyperity will always challenge to change the world positively.

We, Hyperity desires that you and your beauty will become one of us someday.

Feb 13th, 2019. Hyperity that pursues people’s beauty

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