Hyperity Corporation produces software, with the focus on social network.
It released a social dating application called ‘Blurry’ in the mid 2018.
Blurry has the outlook of connecting people with their hearts, rather than with their appearances. All the video calls in Blurry start with the blurred screens so that people can talk first before they see each other. 
Both Android and iOS are available in mobile and tablet.


Hyperity Corporation was spun off from C-Lab, an internal corporate venture system of Samsung Electronics. It was founded on December 2017.


CEO of Hyperity Corporation does almost everything. As a team leader, he does business operation, marketing, app development, etc.
He talks a lot with the teammates to constantly create synergy for future improvements.
He tries to make comfortable working environment by applying ‘free office hours’ and ‘horizontal relationships’.

There are two main developers in Hyperity Corporation.
One is in charge of Android, and the other works on iOS.
They develop, modify, and update the app ‘Blurry’ on a daily basis.

There is one skillful designer in Hyperity Corporation, who creates all the icons, illustrations, and images of ‘Blurry’.
Thanks to her hard work, ‘Blurry’ has been receiving a lot of compliments regarding its cute and simple UI design.

Hyperity Corporation’s marketer is very hardworking and busy.
She creates contents for various social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube of ‘Blurry’.
She contacts with numerous influencers, reporters, and celebrities and plans for offline events to let people know more about ‘Blurry’.

Hyperity Corporation occasionally hires intern. 
There is no specific requirements. When hired, the intern talks with CEO and finds what he/she can do for the company.
The intern gets to work in the areas with skills, or in the areas of interest.