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How to use Blurry?

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Sign Up & Profile

1. Download Blurry from app / play store.
2. Sign up with one of your existing accounts from Facebook, Google, Kakao, or Line.
3. Set your profile: input your photo, nickname, gender, age, nationality, interest, height, weight, religion, smoking, drinking, occupation, personality, hobby, and about me.
(You can only fill the required fields.)

Step 2. Filter

1. Go back to the main page.
2. Click filter button on the right top.
3. Choose the gender, age range, and region of the partner you want to meet.

Step 3. Turn on the Switch

1. Go back to the main page.
2. Turn on the switch and wait for your match.
3. You can do other things while waiting.
Your match will continue on the background and will notify you when it's ready.

Step 3. Match

1. Accept or Decline the match when the partner's profile appears on your screen.
2. When you accept, blur video call will start.
You can control the blur level and be friends if you like him/her.
3. If you want to continue the relationship after video call, go to 'match' tab and you will see the list of friends who talked with you.
4. When you decline, you will wait for another match.

Step 4. History

1. If you forgot to be friends during the video call, you can check the list of those you passed without sending or receiving friend request.
2. If you want to send friend request to them, you can use diamonds.

If you still have questions using Blurry, please read FAQ on the menu or send us email to ‘’